Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 year Anniversary = Hawaii!!!

It was our 1 year anniversary recently and what better way to celebrate it than being in Hawaii! We really lucked out. My parents gave us a free airplane ticket. They paid for the hotel and even bought us food while being there! They were extremely generous and we are very greatful to them because that was the best vacation ever!
We stayed in Maui and flew over to Oahu for a day so we could go see Pearl Harbor and the Polynisian Culture Center (didn't spell that right). The beaches were amazing! We had so much fun and would highly recomend people to go to Hawaii because I think it is the best vaca ever!

This is Jack!

Jack is about 4 months old now. We got him when we was 10 weeks old! I begged and begged my husband and I finally got him to let me get a puppy. Jack is like our little baby. We LOVE him. He is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua. He's spunky like a Jack Russell and tinny like a chihuahua. I saw an ad on KSL and I knew he was my dog! I really wanted a cute dog that wasn't a yorkie because EVERYONE is getting a yorkie. I think yorkies are really cute but they are sooo expensive and i wanted a unique dog and Jack is deffinitley that!

Here are some pictures of when we first got him.....

He was just waking up in this picture.

ooohhh sleepy time. Puppies sleep alot.

Jason loves him..... :)