Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Problem #1

I love food. I am always thinking about food. I always have conversations with my hubby and they go like this.... Me: "If I could have anything right now I would have a ..... with a ..... and then for dessert a ..... Hubby: "Yep sounds good to me. You can have what ever you want." So, not only do I love food, but my husband would let me get anything and everything that I want. I hate that i'm constantly thinking about food. My favorite thing to do is go to lunch with my mom, but I cant do that anymore because my mom is either A. Working B. on a DIET and C. Too Busy. Here is a list of foods that I currently think about.

1. Chimicahangas from Los Hermonos-- my absolute fav right now. i could eat 1 everyday
2. Coconut Shrimp from Red Lobster
3. Queso Dip from Chilis
4. Bajio Green Chili Chicken Salad
5. Rumbi Hawaiin Salad with Chips and Salsa

Problem #2

Problem #1 goes along with Problem #2. I am extremely frugal. Even though I'm constantly thinking about all these foods. I refuse to go buy them. I hate spending money on Fast Food or Restaurants. This is why i like to go to lunch with my mom. She always buys. So basically, I torture myself constantly thinking about all these foods that I cant buy.
I track every penny and it drives my husband crazy. I have anxiety attacks when we spend more that 20 dollars on something. When my husband really wants something I say "lets think about it for a few months..."
I know being frugal is a good thing, but it can be a very bad thing too. Especially when you take it to the extreme.

Problem #3

There is a Messy Monster in my house. She gets into everything. Constantly terrorizing every
drawer, every book on my bookshelf and gets into the garbage can.... gross!
Some days I handle it better than others, but yesterday I was VERY sick of it. She had her first time out. Needless to say she didn't like it. She obviously is to young to understand why she's in trouble, but it felt good to put her in time out for some reason? I guess I felt like I could take back being in charge, because lately she's been in charge of me and everything around her.

Problem #4
We have been trying to buy a house for a very long time. The strangest things happen and it never works out. This last time was really devastating. We fell in love with a house in the perfect neighborhood, perfect yard, perfect house and with the perfect price. We put an offer in. We didn't think we would get it. It was priced too low. Too many people were interested. We were told we didn't get it. That was fine. We moved on. A week later we were told the people backed out. They couldn't get financing and we were the next in line. We were so excited I cried. Couldn't believe we got my perfect house. We got everything ready. Posted our place for rent and then we were told the lady from the bank that we were working with decided she was having a bad day and didn't feel like selling it to us. YOU DONT FEEL LIKE IT? couldn't believe it. Basicly this lady can get away with it, because they do everything online and when she cancels the sale the computer puts it back online and then its resigned to someone else. It felt like my heart had been ripped out. I'm still trying to get over it. I know everything happens for a reason. I think we are meant to live where we are for reasons I do not know yet, but that sting really hurt and I think we are done house hunting for a while.

Problem #5
I am a emotional wreck right now. I cry over everything. I blame problem #4 for making me this way. My friend had her baby yesterday. And I was crying every time I would think about them. I would start thinking about when my girl was born and how excited I was and I miss that feeling soo much that I cried all day long. Where did the 15 months go? She's not my baby anymore and that makes me really sad.

Anyways here are a few of my problems right now.... im sick of writing... so maybe i'll add more problems later. Looking for people who have similar problems that can help/inspire me???