Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sooo Funny

So Halle had a really big day yesterday and today. She stayed the night at my moms house and had soo much fun that she didn't take any naps. Tonight I put her in her jumpy and she started rocking herself to sleep! Cutest thing ever.

Happy Birthday!

Its my hubby's 25th birthday this Sunday! We had a blast spending the night in Salt Lake. My mom watched my little precious, so we had the whole night to do what ever Jason wanted! We ended up eating at the Cheese Cake Factory, sooo yummy! Then we decided since we NEVER get to go out to the movies these days, why not catch a late movie at the theater. We ended up seeing the Wall Street Movie. I really liked it. It was so much fun! We stayed up so late that night, but we had so much fun. Happy Birthday my Hubby!

ha ha so the funny story of the night was that as we were seated at our table we look over and its Jason's brother and his wife at the table right next to us! They live in Layton and so it was totally random that they were here at the exact same time as us! So they joined us for his birthday dinner. It was so much fun.

Love you babe!