Monday, November 23, 2009

First Bath!






Halle Rose Kitchen, 7lbs 19 inches

Here are some pictures of us at home!

she's angry because i was trying to eat!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Baby Shower!

I got a bouncer and a breastpump!! so excited!

Me and my cuz Jaicee

I got a super awesome swing and high chair!

really cute decorations!

yummmy foooood. all my fav things.

Friend Baby Shower!

Ally and Lindz did an awesome job throwing
the shower!! They are so cute!

Some of the gang!

Yay!!! Presents!!!

Lindsay and Jessica

I had soo much fun at my shower! Thanks
Ally and Lindsay!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Bedding!!!

I've finally found the bedding i want! I've been
looking for a long time! Bedding is so expensive
and i fell in love with a bedding piece but it was
300 dollars! So that was really dissapointing but
last night a came across this bedding and the
best part is that its only 100 dollars! I am so
excited i dont have to spend a fortune to have
cute bedding. I cant wait to get it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

27- 28 Weeks Prego! And it keeps growin.....

Lounging around with my dog!

Whoa! look how big i'm getting!

Jack was jealous and had to get
in the pictures...

I pulled my shirt up so you can see
the real outline of the belly!

I was 27 to 28 weeks preggo in these pics.
I've really grown alot since my 23 week
pictures. My face, feet and ankles are sooo
swollen. I expecially hate my face being soo
swollen it sucks way bad. I've really been feeling
the baby kick lately! Actually she's been doing
some major twists, turns and rolls in my stomach!
At first it was really cool to feel it. Jasons been
able to feel my stomach move in waves too! so thats
been nice, but now i'm getting tired of it! She does
it so much that my stomach is so sore and it tickles
a ton! Anyway, thats whats been going on and i'll
be having some baby showers soon so that'll be
really exciting and fun! Cant Wait!

Lunch with Friends!!!

I had lunch with my friends and it was so
much fun to catch up! And of course Olive Garden
is soooo yummy!

Allie and her little man Wyatt! So Cute!

Me, lindz and Allie..... I look really huge in this

So cute Allie!

Me and Allie..... my face is sooo swollen from
being prego! it suucks

pretty lindsay!

Friday, July 10, 2009

23 Weeks!

I am 23 weeks pregnant now. I am not sick anymore! I am enjoying my pregnancy alot better now. We just moved into a cute little house in Orem. Moving was so stressfull but i'm glad its over. We bought really cute baby furniture. I'll have to post pics later. The baby's room was already painted blue with clouds and it also has blue carpet, so we'll have to change that before our little girl comes or people will think she's a boy!

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's a GIRL!

I am almost 5 months pregnant now. I am still horribly sick. My belly has finally popped out a little, but I still feel like i'm just a chubby girl! It sucks. I cant wait untill the day i'm not throwing up anymore! Here are my ultra sound pictures from about 5 weeks ago. I am getting another ultrasound in a couple weeks and i'll post those pictures because the baby in these photos is really small because i was only 15 weeks along.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 year Anniversary = Hawaii!!!

It was our 1 year anniversary recently and what better way to celebrate it than being in Hawaii! We really lucked out. My parents gave us a free airplane ticket. They paid for the hotel and even bought us food while being there! They were extremely generous and we are very greatful to them because that was the best vacation ever!
We stayed in Maui and flew over to Oahu for a day so we could go see Pearl Harbor and the Polynisian Culture Center (didn't spell that right). The beaches were amazing! We had so much fun and would highly recomend people to go to Hawaii because I think it is the best vaca ever!