Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Bedding!!!

I've finally found the bedding i want! I've been
looking for a long time! Bedding is so expensive
and i fell in love with a bedding piece but it was
300 dollars! So that was really dissapointing but
last night a came across this bedding and the
best part is that its only 100 dollars! I am so
excited i dont have to spend a fortune to have
cute bedding. I cant wait to get it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

27- 28 Weeks Prego! And it keeps growin.....

Lounging around with my dog!

Whoa! look how big i'm getting!

Jack was jealous and had to get
in the pictures...

I pulled my shirt up so you can see
the real outline of the belly!

I was 27 to 28 weeks preggo in these pics.
I've really grown alot since my 23 week
pictures. My face, feet and ankles are sooo
swollen. I expecially hate my face being soo
swollen it sucks way bad. I've really been feeling
the baby kick lately! Actually she's been doing
some major twists, turns and rolls in my stomach!
At first it was really cool to feel it. Jasons been
able to feel my stomach move in waves too! so thats
been nice, but now i'm getting tired of it! She does
it so much that my stomach is so sore and it tickles
a ton! Anyway, thats whats been going on and i'll
be having some baby showers soon so that'll be
really exciting and fun! Cant Wait!

Lunch with Friends!!!

I had lunch with my friends and it was so
much fun to catch up! And of course Olive Garden
is soooo yummy!

Allie and her little man Wyatt! So Cute!

Me, lindz and Allie..... I look really huge in this

So cute Allie!

Me and Allie..... my face is sooo swollen from
being prego! it suucks

pretty lindsay!