Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whats Been HaPPening ArOUnd tHE KiTchen HoMe


I guess its been a few months since my last post. I'm not a very good blogger... Hence the NO comments on my posts... ha ha I guess i get an occasional comment here and there. I need to be more like Carly Brecheisen, who always has many many comments because she is very entertaining. I love reading her blog :) Tonight I am very bored and I decided to explore Blogger a little bit and see what I can do. Did you know you can look up your stats? I didn't. You can see who lists you on their blog and what not. You can see where people are from. I had people all over the country. That is cool and kind of scary.... But I dont want to go private because that is so LAME. I hate it when people do that, so I stop reading their blog, because who wants to sign in every time? Not me. Anyways I'm just in a rambling mood...

So the past couple of months have been way fun and super busy. We moved into our house last april and so we've been updating and fixing things how we want them.

So far we have done:

new carpeting
painted whole house
2 bathroom remodels
fixed a leaky pipe
fixed the garage
Put in french doors in the kitchen
tore out all dead trees and ugly bushes in the front yard
planted new flowers and bushes
cemented in a basketball hoop (that was top priority to my husband)
Added shelves in Halle's closet
And lots of little things too and many more things to come... next big thing will be a patio! cant wait!

I am sooooo happy about where we live and the house we ended up with. I LOVE our neighborhood. Halle has a couple girlfriends that are exactly her age. Our neighbors are awesome and so friendly and everyone keeps their yard looking great (which is a big deal to me). I love living in Lehi. We live in a great location, where we are close to everything. Location was a big deal to us. The other really great thing is that we have a huge yard! Halle and I are outside everyday. The dogs love the backyard. I have a pretty nice tan going on... Halle plays in her swimming pool a lot and I enjoy watching her. We also go to the park a lot. There are 3 parks in our neighborhood! It is awesome.

Anyways here are some cute pictures I've taken recently...