Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crazy Weekend

Well last weekend was very eventful. It included the following:

It was my 23rd birthday on Friday.
My hubby got off work early. Hurray!
Saw Unstoppable. Very intense movie.
Found out we got a house. Cross your fingers.
Ate at Pf Changs. Soo Delicious. Their lettuce wraps are amazing.
Looked at our future house on Saturday morning. Signed papers.
The men went four wheeling.
The women went shopping.
Came home to my hubby waiting for me.
Took Jason to the Urgent Care. Barely made it there before it closed at 10pm.
Ended up being there 2 hours.
Doctor sent us to the ER.
Had more tests done. After 3 hours. It was confirmed. Appendicitis. Wow. It was now 3 in the morning.
Jason's appendix was removed at 10am.
Made it to the Kitchen super bowl party by 6 pm.... yes my husband insisted he wouldn't miss it.
He's crazy.
I was exhausted. No sleep yet.
Finally made it home around 9 and was in bed by 10.
Wow. What a weekend. Never will forget it.

My beautiful flowers that my hubby gave me..... even though i told him not too :)

Eating my birthday dessert

Waiting for test results

Jason right after surgery

Jason right before surgery